Wholesale Inspector comes loaded with 3 default view

  • Concise

  • Balanced

  • Detailed

These each will hide different columns. The detailed view will show all the columns.

The Balanced view will hide the following columns

  • Supplier Discount

  • Margin

  • Average BSR

  • Percentage over Time ROI

  • Share Of Sales Per Month

  • Length

  • Height

  • Width

  • Inbound Shipping

  • Prep Cost

  • Storage Fees

  • FBA Fees

  • Referral Fees

  • Net Revenue

  • all the Lowest Price columns

  • all the Lowest BSR columns

  • Amazon Only

The Concise view hides even more columns. It hides all of the columns hidden in the Balanced view in addition to the following

  • Supplier Pack Quantity

  • Total Cost

  • Average Buybox Price

  • Number Of Sellers

  • Competitive Sellers

  • Number Of Reviews

  • Average Review

  • Weight

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