If you are here, then you've tried uploading a file with the UPC codes formatted in scientific notation. When this happens, Wholesale Inspector cannot properly determine which Amazon listing the product belongs too.

Quick Start
If you are working with Excel, the best way to remedy this is to:

  1. Open the original supplier file in Excel

  2. Right click the column letter that contains the UPC codes

  3. Format Cells

  4. Under the Number tab, click Custom

  5. Enter "000000000000" in the Type box

  6. Click OK

  7. Save as a CSV then rerun through Wholesale Inspector

If you are in Numbers, the process will be quite similar:

  1. Open the original supplier file in Numbers

  2. Left click the column that contains the UPC codes to select the column

  3. In the Format sidebar, click the Cell tab.

  4. Under Data Format select Text

  5. Click File -> Save As

  6. Choose CSV as a file type

  7. Rerun through Wholesale Inspector

Why does this happen?

The root of this is that Excel does not handle UPC codes well. It tries to be "smart" and convert all UPC codes to scientific notation. When it does this, it zeroes out a large number of the digits in the UPC code, rendering it invalid. So for example, if 123399180666 gets saved in scientific notation, it may end up getting saved as 123390000000.

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