There are a few reasons why you may get a "No Products to Show" error.

  1. Your filtering (if applied) is too strict

  2. There are no profitable products (if Show Unprofitable is turned off in the Options)

  3. The File Map is not pointing to the UPC column

  4. The UPC codes are invalid

Fixing too strict filtering

  1. Click Filter

  2. Click Clear

Turning on Show Unprofitable

  1. Go to the Options page

  2. Turn on the Show Unprofitable option

Fixing an incorrect File Map

  1. Go to the FIle Maps page (

  2. Change the Identifier column to the column that contains the UPC codes

  3. Save the file and rerun in Wholesale Inspector

Fixing invalid UPC codes

Invalid UPC codes can be caused from Excel truncating the UPC code, meaning a majority of the trailing digits have been cut off and replaced with zeroes.

This typically will occur when saving the original file as a CSV and forgetting to format the UPC column. Excel doesn't handle UPC codes very well. The best way to remedy this will be to:

  1. Open the file you downloaded directly from the supplier

  2. Right click the column containing the UPC codes and click Format Cells

  3. Click Custom and enter in twelve zeroes (000000000000)

  4. Click Ok

  5. Then save as CSV like normal and run through Wholesale Inspector

This will keep Excel from saving the UPC codes as scientific notation and truncating the numbers, which will preserve the validity of your UPC codes!

Still stuck? Just open up support and we'll get you fixed up as soon as possible 😃 

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