Wholesale Inspector will add Flags to certain products if certain conditions aren't met. These are designed to give you a warning that you should pay extra careful attention to the calculations here, as something is atypical.

There are currently two Flags that can be shown.

  1. Using calculated referral fee

  2. Using calculated FBA fee

Both of these Flags will be present if the Amazon listing does not contain product dimensions or a shipping weight. This typically occurs if this product has never been sold via FBA before and has only been sold FBM.

When this occurs, we attempt to calculate the FBA fees and referral fees to the best of our ability. But, there is a chance of errors being introduced because we are relying on dimension or weight data that may be incorrect. This is why we recommend you double check FBA fees and referral fees before making a purchase if either of these flags are present.

Thanks for reading and hopefully this will help you to make more informed buying decisions! 👍
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